Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Posters Completed

Our 4th and 5th graders completed their ISLM posters today. Fourth graders responsible for Canada and fifth graders Hong Kong. Take a look at their great work!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mailed our bookmarks

Our 1,500 plus bookmarks were mailed on Wednesday. Heard from the Hong Kong librarian, Helen Chan, and she put ours in the mail the same day. There is no longer a "slow boat to China" so postage is rather pricey......$41 and some change. Managed to cram them all in one of those boxes they advertise on TV...one price no matter the weight. But that one price to China is high. Only $25 for the Canada ones.

Students are looking forward to receiving the ones sent to us.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

International School Library Month

October is International School Library Month. Our school is participating in the bookmark project for the 4th year. Previously we have been paired with Nigeria, India, Hong Kong, and 2 schools in Canada---one in Chilliwack, British Columbia, and one Worsley, Alberta. Our partner schools this year are Ecole Richard Secord in Edmonton, Alberta, and Lam Tin Methodist Primary School in Hong Kong.

Our students are busy learning about the other countries, making posters, and getting their bookmarks ready to mail. We have already mailed packages containg a map of Alabama, tourist information brochures, an Alabama poster, and a copy of the book Y is for Yellowhammer, an ABC book of our state.

We have such a massive number of bookmarks to complete this year that not only have our students been making them, but we have called on the art classes at our high school, several area church youth groups, and one former student of mine who is in his 30s. These bookmarks are being laminated and my 88 year old mother is cutting them all out for us.

This is a wonderful project each year that I would urge other libraries to

participate in. The website for International School Library Month is


Our partner schools web addresses are

Hong Kong http://www.ltmps.edu.hk/

Canada http://rsecord.epsb.ca/