Monday, September 26, 2011

Hooray!!!!! It's Happened.

I can now check out library books on my Kindle. My local library is a member of Camilla Net....the state of Alabama's Digital Library. If your library has joined Camilla Net you can now check out books to your Kindle. Previously the Kindle was not supported. You log in with your library card number, select the book, then somehow with magic (I guess) you are on the Amazon Kindle page. Click here and the book is yours for 2 weeks.

This "library girl" is now a happy camper!!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sarah's Key

Paris, July 1942

Vel' d'Hiv

Ever heard of it? Me, either. Until I read this book based on things that happened during the German Occupation of France during WW II. One of those "can't put down" books. Julia Jarmond's research as a reporter for a magazine in Paris results in life altering findings. Changes not only for Julia but all around her...those before and after. Sara Starzynski and Michel Starzynski will be with me for a long time.