Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Redesigning Library

The 4-6 grade school where I have been the librarian/media specialist since 1996 is being revamped as a K-6 school as are 3 other schools in our district. (One of which will be brand new) As of yet the schools are not even named. The collections in our k-1, 2-3, 4-6 schools are having to be divided and the libraries redesigned for the new patrons we will have. All of this with very very little funding. Also I am redesigning for whomever takes my position as I am retiring at the end of this school year. Huge task! Our faculties will also be split up between the 4 schools. So the school I am leaving at the end of the year will no longer exist in any form or fashion except maybe the actual physical plant. All this is taking place while we still serve this year's students and attempt to teach to fidelity. And that's another thing.....Teach to fidelity does not seem proper use of the word to me.