Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Library Open During Orientation

We had quite a success having our school library open last night during 5th and 6th grade orientation. For the first time ever students could check out books during this time...the day before school actually started. We probably circulated 60 plus items. I was able to "on the spot" booktalk several books I read this summer to students who then checked them out.

No Talking by Andrew Clements came out of my purse and went to a fifth grader even though I was only on chapter 3. She left with the promise it would come back to me when she finished so I could finish it.

Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis and Among the Hidden by Margaret Haddix Peterson, two others I finished during vacation, flew off the shelf.

Three copies of The Invention of Hugo Cabret , and of course...some Series of Unfortunate Events, Captain Underpants, Eragon, and Eldest. It was a surprise that only 1 Harry Potter left the library.

I pushed a Madison Finn to a young lady who wanted to read about was a guess on my part but another student encourage her with it saying she had read one last year and really liked it.

Reading is really an important part of our job. And how eager these kids are to also read something we liked and recommended.

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