Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 28 Storm System

The storm system that went through Alabama on Saturday, February 28th hit our junior high school and ripped the roof from the lunchroom, tore away the sign, shattered doors and caused much water damage. Our junior high students will be housed in portables on our intermediate and high school campus until the damage is repaired. I am so thankful it was a Saturday and no one was at school. An 18 wheeler overturned on the highway near the school and a church next door to the school was demolished. When the weather cleared in the afternoon the temperature got into the 70s. Then, today, March 1, we had 3 inches of snow in the time I was at church this morning. Roads are icy, however, we still have power which is a blessing. Don't know about school tomorrow, but with the relocation of all the junior high kids, freezing weather and snow may not be the time to do it.

Lunchroom at Wacoochee Junior High School

Church adjacent to school. Notice the picture still hanging on the far wall. It is of praying hands.

Storm of March 1, 2009. Day after tornado.

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