Sunday, August 16, 2009

District & School Surprises

In a previous post I lamented about the classroom supply money this year would not be provided by the state because of budget cuts. Our District came through by providing each teacher with a generous amount, and then my school will also give us money. All in all, my total for supplies is actually higher this year than last.

HOWEVER, there has been no accomodations made for lost library enhancement monies. I am fortuante to have book fair money saved back from previous years that I can use to fund the library this year.

School started with a bang. Car rider line the first day lasted over 1 hour, but by Friday we had it down to 30 minutes. Don't know if we became more proficient or that more kids were on the buses rather than their parents bringing them.

On Wednesday we checked out books to 8 homerooms, on Thursday 16, and on Friday 9. That covers our 5th and 6th grades. Fourth graders have to wait until their class comes for instruction before they can check out.

Two titles that were asked for....Fablehaven series, and Leven thumps series.

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