Saturday, September 4, 2010


Finished Mockingjay two nights ago. Was disappointed with the epilogue. My teacher friend, who turned me onto the trilogy, and I agree on this. Could it be because it was a "young adult" book Collins decided to tie it all up neatly with a bow? Co-worker said it reminded her of the epilogue in the last Harry Potter. Also we were somewhat disappointed in Gale's post war occupation. However, the choice to shoot Coin....outstanding! Reread those paragraphs several times. Wish I had reread Hunger Games and Catching Fire before beginning Mockingjay. Too long away from a series sometimes muddles up the read.


sandraca said...

There was so much more violence and the part with the children, so horrible, that a "happy ending" was what the kids reading this series would need. I kind of thought Gale's occupation out of character though.

booklady said...

You are right. They were written for our middle graders...not us adults.