Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finished My First Book on My Kindle

Today I finished my first read on the Kindle. It's been kind of neat...right now a novelty I think. It was the final book in the Richelle Mead Vampire Academy series. I knew one of my 5th grade teachers would have the hardback when we got back to school, but it was nice to think of it, ask for it, Amazon sent it, the credit card paid for it and I could start to read. I also loaded A Tale of Two was free. But there are 2 Karen Kingsbury books calling my name....Time to Dance and Time to Embrace. Those before Dickens I think.

Thanks to my husband for wanting me to have something before I even knew I needed it.


sandraca said...

I found that NetGalley books are available for free on Kindle. If you haven't signed up for an account, do so asap. You will be able to read books before they are published. Not all galleys are available in Kindle format but there is a way to contact the publisher and request it. Happy Kindle reading!

booklady said...

I went to NetGalley last night and registered. Didn't have time to get a galley yet. Have been dealing with formatting a microsoft word document. Spent 2 1/2 days on page numbers!!!! How ridiculous is that! The 200 page book my mother-in-law is publishing on LULU begins now with a number on page 3 and none on 1 or 2. Best I could do. Maybe it's a new trend.