Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dividing a Library

It is with regrets I separate books from my collection to send to the two other libraries in our area that will be housing part of our students next year. A systematic system (lol) was decided. As I mark book titles with orange for one school and yellow for the other and then go to pull the 200 titles in 6, 7, 8 levels I hesitate....knowing this title is used by the 6th grade teachers in their immigration units, or this biography about Horace King, Bridge Builder, was donated to the library by one of our former 5th grade teachers (thank you, Liz) and that Horace King actually built one of the bridges in our area. Sixteen years here building this collection only to have to "enny meeny miney mo" it. We will now have gaps, and are likely to have overlaps when we receive the titles from the other schools. Change is the only constant...never get comfortable with the status quo because powers that be have the authority to jerk the rug out from under you.

Next Wednesday the faculties at 3 area schools will be given a letter designating their new assignments in the "fruit basket turn over" that will end with there being 4 schools of k-6 grades rather than 3 schools k-1, 2-3, and 4,6. Teams are being broken apart...and lives are being moved like pieces on a chess board. We were told 90% of you got your 1st or 2nd choice of school....

I have always been told that when it is time to retire you will know.....guess what? No doubt at all.

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