Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Loaning Books on Kindle

My friend, Patti, has mastered the loaning of Kindle books to me! Have received one, finished it, and now am waitng for it to self destruct when the 2 weeks are up. It doesn't seem that any of the ones I have purchased can be loaned out. As much as the Kindle read is becoming a habit, I still frequent the library. As a retired librarian I value the fact that a library is an equalizer in the acquisition of knowledge. Whether you are wealthy or not knowledge is there for the taking for everyone.

I have been asked to talk to the Junior Book Club at the local library next week. The importance of reading, etc. Right now the plan is to share my favorite book when I was a fifth grader. Half Magic by Edgar Eager.

Published in 1954, but set probably in the 1930's, it belonged to my friend Suzanne who lived 2 houses away from me. I remember borrowing it to read several different times. The first chapter which introduces the children has several pages about libraries and reading. This will be my starting place with the Junior Book Club.

Thank you, Nancy, for the invitation. It will make not starting school less traumatic this first year of my retirement. When you have done something each August for over 50 years I expect some adjustments when they start and I don't.

Grab a copy of Half Magic and read it to your kids!

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