Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kathryn Tucker Windham memoir published posthumously by NewSouth Books

As you may know I was a great fan of Alabama author Kathryn Tucker Windham who passed away earlier this year. Her latest book She: The Old Woman Who Took Over My Life has been published by NewSouth Books. Below is the information from the publisher about this memoir.

Kathryn Tucker Windham began her new book, She: The Old Woman Who Took Over My Life, in the late fall of 2010. That project saw fruition this week with the release of She in print and ebook formats by NewSouth Books.This slender volume, the last of twenty-nine written by Kathryn Tucker Windham over her long and productive life, will be an exquisitely bittersweet read for the many fans of the late storyteller and author from Selma, Alabama. Windham died shortly before the publication of this volume, in June of this year.Only over the last eighteen months of her life did Windham seem much constrained by her advancing years. Characteristically, she faced old age and its accompanying limitations with humor and curiosity. In She, the author describes how she woke up one day to find that she had an unwanted houseguest, an old woman who had suddenly moved into her home and was taking over her life. Windham referred to this interloper simply as “She,” and here the reader has been invited into the lively colloquy between the author -- whose spirit has not changed though her body has slowed -- and her alter ego, as they move together toward their earthly end.She is the fifth book by Kathryn Tucker Windham published by NewSouth Books in recent years. The others include: Alabama, One Big Front Porch, Jeffrey’s Favorite 13 Ghost Stories, Ernest’s Gift, and most recently a memoir called Spit, Scarey Ann, and Sweat Bees. Surely your library, bookstore, or gift shop will be richer for having these titles on its shelves.She: The Old Woman Who Took Over My Life is available from NewSouth Books at 334-834-3556 or from your favorite book wholesaler. Learn more at 978-1-58838-278-8. Price: $20.00. Available in hardcover and ebook formats.

Also today I received the Tallapoosa River Electric Co-op magazine that is published monthly by our electrical cooperative. If you can get your hands on a copy there was an excellent article about Kathryn.

Here is the web address for the online edition of the magazine.

Click on the October edition of the magazine.

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