Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kindle at the Beach ><> ><> WONDERFUL

A week long trip to Alligator Point, Florida, a Kindle loaded with 5 books that were checked out from Camellia Net an Alabama online library that our public library is a member.

Neighbor on the beach taught me a trick. Put your kindle in a ziplock bag. No sand, no moisture.
Asked her, "What's on your Kindle?" Answer, "Oh, just one of those free mindless beach reads."

I read an assortment

Wrapped in Rain: A Novel of Coming Home by Charles Martin

My Reading Life by Pat Conroy

A Month of Summer (Blue Sky Hills) by Lisa Wingate

The Summer Kitchen (Blue Sky Hill Series) by Lisa Wingate

Experienced Alzheimers, a stroke, two runaway children, a battered girlfriend, an abandoned toddler, a mentally ill brother, child abuse, a paralyzed Judge, more alzheimers, several dysfunctional families, family ties that can't be broken, Clark's Fish Camp in Jacksonville, writing in Paris, economic ruin and more and more and more.


Greyhound 2.0 said...

Hi again,

Thought of you earlier today when I was asked if I would monitor/shepherd a group through Classroom Learning 2.0. It really needs to be up-dated but I think I can suggest enough newer stuff to make it worthwhile.

Many days I'm very glad I'm near the end of my career and not the beginning. (I have at most 3 more years.) But then they introduce new teachers and I see fresh, young, enthusiastic faces and I think.. OK, there's hope for public education after all!

Hmmm, maybe I should ask JJ to send you my email address.

Ruth Anne in Winter Park

booklady said...

Ruth Anne, I had something I wanted to tell you a couple of months ago and couldn't figure out how to get to you. If you will send me your school name I can get your email that way.