Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nonfiction Readers.......You rock!

Having just finished Laura Bush's 2010 biography  Spoken from the Heart I need to applaud all you nonfiction readers. It's hard work. I can breeze through a novel in no time at all, but this nonfiction reading requires rapt attention. 

A friend called and said "you've got to read this Laura Bush biography, we could have written it."  NOT!!  Just because we are both only children, born in the early 50's, with many of the same early life experiences (and also the fact that I am a retired librarian)  does not make me capable of penning this book. Once they begin campaigning for George H. W. Bush they are out of my league. 

I learned a lot about Mrs. Bush, the White House, the duties of the first lady, her role in promoting her special causes....books, National Book Festival, women's rights around the world, her passion for Africa and Afghanistan women, rebuilding of schools and libraries post Katrina, her friendships, building of their ranch in Texas, the compassion for post 9-11 victims by both President Bush and Laura and her love of family.  I was especially touched by the story of the Burmese refugees in Thailand who were living in refugee camps for the 2nd generation, however, it may be because that particular story was near the end, I saw light at the end of the tunnel, could pay more attention and not worry how many more names, acronyms, meetings, summits, friends were left.

 Again, I learned an awful lot but again, it was hard work.

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