Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summertime Reading

My summer reading this year has been a two step adult book then a children's or YA book. Today I completed The Invention of Hugo Cabret the Caldecot winner for 2008.
There are several sources for my reading materials.....public library, books I brought home from school, the Friends of the Library book sale, and the Horseshoe Bend Regional Library Bookmobile. The bookmobile visits our school parking lot twice a month, but this summer I caught it at a nearby church. There were lots of people visiting the church's food closet, but only two others beside myself visiting the bookmobile. The bookmobile librarian who is also a college student shared some interesting info on two books she was reading......Dracula and 1984. Her premise about "Big Brother" in 1984 was interesting......Onstar in today's automobiles seems to be akin.
Several years ago I used Judy Sierra's Wild About Books as a read aloud with my 4th graders. In this book the librarian, Molly McGrew, "by mistake drove her bookmobile into the zoo."

Here is my bookmobile and my "Molly McGrew"

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