Monday, October 27, 2008

Today is International School Library Day

Today we received our bookmarks from our partner school in India. One school down, two to go. The package was torn and taped together, but the bookmarks arrived intact. Some had glitter, some had jewels, one had Disney stickers, but all had my students who have seen them now think we should put ribbons on ours next year.

Back to a previous post about the student who had never seen a real apple tree. This 4th grader was in the library today. I asked her if she had seen an apple tree since we last spoke. She said "no", so I then asked if she had ever seen a pear tree. Again, the answer was no. I said,"Well, come on, we are going on a field trip." Right next to a drive around the side of our building is a chain link fence that divides school property from the neighbor's house. An right next to the fence on the neighbor's side is a pear tree. Two 4th graders and I walked around the building, we looked up at the pear tree and saw pears, then we looked at the ground and saw fallen pears on the ground. The young man with us just reached his hand through the fence and picked up two pears from the ground. Each student then had a perfect fall pear. The young lady said, "I am going to get into trouble. I was just suppose to go to the library and back." I promised I would go with her and tell her teacher. So the two adventurers and I walked back to their homeroom and shared our story.
It's all about teachable moments. She still has never seen a real apple tree, but now she has experienced a pear tree. I hope that tonight, at home, when she cut into that pear to eat it that it was juicy and delicious and this is an experience she will remember for a long time.

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