Sunday, October 12, 2008

Twilight Saga Completed

Tonight I finished reading Breaking Dawn and have completed the Twilight series. My favorite of all 4 novels is the first, Twilight. Will I purchase them for my 4-6 grade, but that doesn't mean there won't be students reading them. I have encouraged some to wait until they are Jr. or Sr. High, but the attraction is now. So read, they will.

Will I go see the movie? I think so.

Funny footnote: Last weekend I called the public library to see if Breaking Dawn was in. (remember, now, that I live in Alabama and have an accent to those not from the South) Of course, the librarian that I spoke with was not a "native." I asked for "Breaking Dawn" and then she had me repeat it. Then she had me spell the first word in the title. After my response she repeated to me, "Breaking Down". I laughed and told her, "No, dawn, like when the sun comes up." And then I said to her "You're not from the Valley, are you honey?" We both had quite a chuckle. And, of course, the book was checked out!

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