Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yesterday was our last day at school. The students picked up their report cards, all yearly reports were completed and submitted, the furniture is up on the tables and bookcases so the carpet can be cleaned this summer.

I have a reading list from LM_NET members that I am anxious to begin.

My friend and coworker, Nikki Millraney, has written a book and published it through blurb. This spring she had to have brain surgery for an aneurysm. The book entitled
Everyday Miracles....Glimpses of God in the Ordinary is available for purchase from blurb, but you can also read a preview (the first 15 pages online). Go to, click on bookstore, click on all categories, and look for the title. She has a wonderful testimony. The book follows her journey during the scary days of the discovery of her aneurysm and the subsequent surgery. It details how God made Himself known to her during this time.

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