Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Twilight Series

One of my fifth grade teachers (thank you, Meg) hooked me up with Twilight (if it is necessary for me to say, "by Stephanie Meyer" then you haven't been around any teenagers in the last few years.) Now I am well into New Moon. A 6th grader had talked to me about it the first day of school and now I have seen several with one of the books in the series. One of our PE coaches finished Breaking Dawn, the final book, yesterday. Two mornings this week I have seen a 5th grade boy reading Twilight. Yesterday I asked if it was his sister's book and he told me yes. I told him I thought a girl would probably like it better than he did since the main character was a girl but the second main character was a boy so he could keep trying it if he wanted. Then this afternoon I recommended it to an 8th grader and she told me she didn't want to read "any sappy old romance." You know, you can just never tell.

However, it will not be a series I purchase for my 4 - 6 grade school. In the same sort of decision I made on the Uglies series, I think we need to leave some for the Jr. High and Sr. High kids to have as their own. I won't discourage those that want to read it, but they will have to either purchase the books or get them from the public library.

I have enjoyed looking at the Stephanie Meyer website and have included the link below.

So Bella and Edward, Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, Carlisle and Esme (love that name)
I am enjoying visiting in your world. Of course, last year, Moonlight, was a favorite TV show too.

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