Monday, September 29, 2008

Wordle Word Cloud

There is such a neat site that will take words you type in or scan yourblog and make a word cloud of the words. You are able to print them out, but not post to your blog. I have had fun with the site and wish there was a way to save and put on the blog. So far no luck. I took a screen shot of the words but no luck posting it.

A fifth grade teacher and I just used the site creatively. Parenting Day is being celebrated here on Friday. All homerooms have been asked to make a poster to put up in the lunchroom for that day. We just copied the email about making the poster into wordle, created the word cloud, printed it, mounted it on construction paper, and now we have a completed poster. (Perhaps not exactly what the sponsors were looking for, but it worked for overburdened 5th grade teacher and me.)

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