Saturday, September 6, 2008

We have been matched with our sister schools for International School Library Day.

This year we will partner with the following 3 schools

G D Goenka School, Delhi, India
LaSalle Primary School Hong Kong, China
Worsley School Worsley, Alberta, Canada

If you would like to learn more about these schools the links to their websites are provided below.

Our students are excited. We have visited all the websites. Our next activity will be to research the countries where our sister schools are located. Each class will make a poster with the information they found. Last will be the bookmarks that are exchanged with the other students. Our high school art classes have joined with us in creating some of the bookmarks since some of the schools have high school aged students. Many thanks to Julie Sikes, art teacher extraordinaire, for her willingness to assist me with this project.
I have mailed a map of our state, travel brochures, and information on the Arts, and sports in our state. Also included in the packets was a history of our state.

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