Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quote Five from My Book of Quotations

"...the banks of the Mississippi River, the book mark of the American continent."
from Tales from Margaritaville
by Jimmy Buffett

I have a collection of bookmarks. Many have been gifts, which I suppose is appropriate for a librarian and book lover. There is one of Mexcian silver brought to me by a coworker after a trip to Mexico. A recent thank you gift from a high school friend is a miniature Persian carpet. There are two which look like Japanese girls in kimonos that came from Okinawa when my son was stationed there in the Air Force. I have a leather one that was given to me by a group of teachers from England who were touring our school system. There are the ones we made of our library cat, Tigger, and sold in our library. One handmade by a church child reads Angles, Angles, Angles [sic] and shows appropriate winged creatures which look much like the ghosts in Pac Man. There is a homemade one made using black construction paper and a Thomas Kincaide picture cut from a calendar. There is a book thong that I purchased myself. Some that are much treasured came from our school's participation in the International School Library Bookmark Exchange and are from Hong Kong, Canada, Nigeria, and India. One came from Spain, one came from Israel, two were cross stitched by friends and given to me. Some were freebies picked up at public library or
displays at museums and parks. One is in Dutch, one was a contest winner at our school, and one
was sent to me after I shared about my collection at a Junior Friends of the Library meeting in a nearby city.
Some are in use and some are in a treasure box. I recently passed on to my granddaughter one I had as a child a linked metal one of the 10 Commandments.

I think Jimmy Buffett had it right about the Mississippi. Either get a map or get on Google Earth and take a look!

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