Sunday, July 29, 2007

Week 8 Thing 18

Google docs is an online word processing program that allows you to create, edit, save, email and publish your work. Others can also, if you like, edit.

The above two sentences were created with Google Docs. I decided to go their instead of the other suggested website because I already have an account. I can see the usefulness of this site especially if you never know which computer you are going to be on. You can always access your documents. Also I have trouble with my students being able to pull up what they have created at home--(on floppies etc) This way they should be able to access whatever they have created.

I can also see the usefulness of the editing tool. Teachers could use this to grade or indicate errors in the students work using the highlighting too--students could then go back and correct and publish their work. The end to "red ink"!

I went back and made a change to what I had first created on Google docs and then reposted to the blog. When I did that I lost all the musings on the subject I had first written after I returned to the blog posting and was forced to rewrite them. That seems to be a drawback.

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rob said...

You're right. The use of online word processing has all sorts of great ramifications! Eventually, we'll probably do lots like this.