Thursday, July 19, 2007

Week 6 Thing 14

Explore Technorati
When I went to Technorati and searched for my blog (after searching School Library 2.0) I found 1 authority listed by an entry. It was from Rob Darrow of California Dreamin'. I went to his blog and there mine was along with a comment about mashup postings. Wow. That was unexpected.

It seems to take me several visits to find things out and complete all the tasks. I will try tagging next. I have noticed on several blogs the tags following the entries--is this what I am going to be getting? That will be a "this afternoon task".

1 comment:

rob said...

Glad that the posting showed up in Technorati. The other thing I have learned that is pretty cool is that when you write about someoone else's blog posting and you hyperlink back to a blog posting, that person gets a "trackback" that shows up on their blog. It is pretty fun to receive one of those. I continue to enjoy reading your blog!