Thursday, July 19, 2007

Week 6 Thing 14plus

Explore Technorati and see how tags work. I claimed my blog through Technorati and created some tags and will try to add a favorite button on bookladyspeaks...................
I think it worked let me view blog....................... Great, it did. BUT when I clicked on it I got an error message so let me try again. Three times now and link still doesn't work.

No tags yet, but why is there a screwdriver under my Avatar?

I got the tag! It's really helpful to read the hints on the School Library Learning page. DUHHH!

This exploration tonight has been challenging and somewhat confusing. If I am right now you can read my blog at my blog's url and also on Technorati.

The one thing I wanted on my blog was a cloud of tags--is that possible? The tag clouds remind me of something we did as teenage girls 40 odd years ago--we would cut words out of magazines and glue them on bottles--in a collage, completely covering the bottle and then painting the bottle with shellac. We spent hours looking for just the right words to use. As the commercial once said "We've come a long way baby!"

tags ancestors art bible books cats children's currentevents education fun Genealogy images juvenile library librarylessons news photo professionaldevelopment reference RSS scarystories schoollibrarylearning2.0 series slideshow study technology tutorials Ussery web2.0

I went to and copied my tag cloud and pasted it into the blog. Doesn't look like a cloud here but it is satisfying enough that I'm going to bed.

Not yet, one more attempt

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