Monday, August 13, 2007

Week 9 Thing 23 Summarize Thoughts

Thank you so much for giving us from out of state the opportunity to work through the SLL 2.0 program. Although we all "wish that we could be California girls", you provided us with the chance to gain a lot of experience and knowledge by sharing the activities and experiences this program provided.

I described my experience in a previous post but here it is again:

"Although not a web native, I do now feel like I am a naturalized citizen no longer an alien."

Previous to this experience I could email, shop, buy and sell on ebay,bank (but not bill pay) word process, search (boolean or not) and do basic stuff. As far as my school was concerned I was one of the knowledgeable ones. I was the tech contact at the local level. Boy was I just taking baby steps.

This program made me proficient in areas I did not even know existed. The photos and images, the rss feeds, the wikis, the tagging--all will be of great use.

I am four years from retirement and will then have 35 years experience. I am so thankful I haven't remained static but am still learning and doing. One of my young teachers who is tech saavy told me this week how impressed she was that I had done all this and had done it on my own. (You all gave great directions and helpful feedback)

I plan to continue my blog as an extension of the school library. I will definitely add the blog address to my signature. I have created a district wiki that we are using for collaboration. The district technology "main guy" heard that I had done that, gave me a thumbs up and asked for the web address.

Thanks so much for providing the information for participating in SLL 2.0 on the LM_NET. Otherwise, I would not have know such a great program was available.
Please do provide information should other such professional development become available.

Thank you again so much for the program.


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Congratulations! You have successfully completed School Library Learning 2.0 -- and it seems like you had a good time, too! Thanks for sharing your discoveries along the way.

We will keep School Library Learning 2.0 online and on the CSLA website through the 2007-2008 school year. Please invite your colleagues to take the course, with you as their cheerleader.

Best wishes.
- JackieS
CSLA 2.0 Team project manager

IrmaPince said...

Congratulations. We California girls & guys were glad you could surf along with us. Please pass along the good word to others who may wish to participate and learn new skills.