Saturday, August 4, 2007

Week 9 Thing 21

I searched around on the podcast directories given in the SLL 2.0 list. I was more comfortable in the Educational podcast directory. I found an interesting podcast on Teachers and Technology in Brainwave. There were only 3 posts on it though and the last was Feb. 2006, but the comments on use of technology by today's teachers--how it first started with Apples and dot matrix printers and banner makers--to where it is today with blogs and webpages was right on topic. I put a feed for this in my Bloglines account. Here is the URL for the feed if anyone else is interested

Speaking with my mid 20s son last night I told him I was working this week with podcasts. He said he'd never "fooled around with that" because you needed itunes. I was able to tell him that was not necessary for some podcasts. Nice to still be able to tell them things they don't know!

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