Thursday, August 9, 2007

Week 9 Thing 22 Continued

On the way to school this morning (yes, today August 9 was the first day for our students), I popped the disk in the CD player all ready to listen to Peter Pan --(read yesterday's entry if you are lost). Nothing, nada, not at all! When I got to school and took the CDs inside and put one in my computer--yes, there was my story.

Enter said 20 something year old son.
"yes, Mother, you should be able to hear the book in your car. But wait, did you buy the rewriteable cds?"
"Yes, I did. That way when I finish one book I can erase it and record another."
"You cannot use those kind in your car. Go buy you some regular cheap CDs, Save the book back to your hard drive and then re-record on the cheap ones. When you are done with that book, just throw them away and buy some more for your next one."

The whole time on the phone my husband is saying--"I will just buy you the book!" (See yesterday's post.) "But if you are going to do it, do it at school, not at home"

So although not exactly a web native (yesterday I heard the term digital native used in place of web native), my son who was born in 1980 came through for me again.

Will post outcome soon. I still hope I get to hear Peter Pan!

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