Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Week 9 Thing 20

Explore Youtube. Initially I searched youtube for Upper Peninsula, Michigan. My husband was stationed there when we first married and we spent almost a year in the area. I found several videos and viewed them. It is still as beautiful as it was 35 years ago.

I then searched for children reading and found this wonderful video from Reading Rainbow. As a former reading teacher turned media specialist this video says it all!

I would love to use this in the library this year on the first library visit of say my 4th graders as a kick off for the year.


Joan Tracy said...

This was a good video Thanks

rob said...

Thanks for sharing this great video. I could even see sharing this with high school students as a way of reminding them what reading a good book means! Of course, it would need a little introduction.

School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Love it! And I'm sure it will make an impression on your students!