Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Week 9 Thing 22

Explore ebooks and audio books. I went to the World's Ebook Fair Site several times and just browsed around. From what I saw you have to join to get the books.(I just missed the month of July when there were free books.) I really am not interested in reading a book through the computer. But I really enjoy audio books and am always checking them out from our public library. I saw on LibriVox that Peter Pan was one that could be downloaded then burned to a CD so I could listen in the car. (I have about a 30 minute commute twice a day) The original Peter Pan is in my school library, I remember Mary Martin playing Peter in the 50's and watching the movie on black and white tv, and Peter Pan the play is coming to the Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery, Alabama, in November and I am considering going----so I thought maybe I should refresh my memory with the original. This has been some project. First I downloaded to my computer a 2 or so hour process that ended sometimes in the night last night. Then I had to so purchase some rewritable CDs because for sure I would be downloading more books and would just use the same ones. That being taken care of today, tonight after supper I started burning the 5 plus hours of book. Time to do this has been about 3 hours. The funny thing is that this has made my husband extremely nervous. He has told me several times during this process that he will just buy me the tape or I should just go check it out instead of all I have been doing.
I will start listening tomorrow in the car and report back on quality etc. However, it really was time consuming. So the jury is still out on whether I see this as worthwhile or not. Just glad I had a cable modem and not dialup!

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